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New Blogs!

First of all, if you’re reading this then chances are that you probably follow this, our Korea blog, Heated Floors. While I will keep this blog up and occasionally update it with K-POP videos, and some other comics I still need to finish, we’re bracing for new adventures.

Anth&Ro is going to be the main hub, I’ll be republishing some of my favourites from here, as well as hosting the comic and updating on our life at home. 

NapTrain is our Europe blog. We’ve been furiously trying to prepare for this trip over the past few days, it’s been daunting but you can see what we’re up to by following this blog as well. I plan on sketching a comic everyday, keep me motivated!

Thanks for reading, much more to come :)


Big Bang - Monster

The boys [yes, they’re all boys], are back. This is off their new album and it’s the first K-Pop I’ve downloaded since being out of Korea. I miss it.

I really appreciate Big Bang making an educational video for all of us living in combustible prisons. follow the simple instructions below and you’ll be fine:

1. Theatrical Hair & Make-up.

2. Do up thousands of buckles and zippers.

3. Dance alone, furiously.

I’m sure that if I could understand the lyrics I would understand the brilliant metaphors at work here. That said,

Notable Lyrics

I think I’m sick, I think I’m sick… 

Going forward

Hey Everybody,

It’s been a long time since we updated the blog. Obviously we’re back in Canada now and it’s been extremely busy as we gear up for our next great adventure. 

I wanted to just throw a quick update here just to reiterate that there is so much more to share. There are a few more comics I’ve got to put up here and K-Pop don’t stop. You can expect more intermittently for a good while - I hope. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next chapter :)

Anth&Ro 018 A Journeys End.
Two incredible years have come to an end. We’re going to miss this place, but we’re excited to get back. That is, if we survive the 20 hour journey home.
NOTE: This day has been busier than expected, to say the least. So this one isn’t finished. Yet.

Anth&Ro 018 A Journeys End.

Two incredible years have come to an end. We’re going to miss this place, but we’re excited to get back. That is, if we survive the 20 hour journey home.


NOTE: This day has been busier than expected, to say the least. So this one isn’t finished. Yet.

Howdy Neighbour 9: A New Hope.

Above: Old ways?

Even in our final days North Korea has been making headlines. Mostly, it’s been the same old threats but suddenly, a new hope. As CNN reports it seems that Kim Jong Un, the new leader, may have a soft side or perhaps, compassion, or even, dare I say it, common sense. He has opted to halt nuclear operations and in return the country will receive food and nourishment, not only for it’s military, but for it’s people. Despite the silver lining, I have to say, I’m happy that the next time I hear about North Korea, we will be on the other side of the planet.안녕!

Preparing to leave Korea pt.2 MAIL

Over the course of two years Rosie and I have accumulated a TON of stuff. We’ve basically replaced our entire wardrobe, we’ve got souvenirs from all over Asia, and a bunch of gifts. Naturally, we have more now than we did when we arrived. The bad news? Our luggage was overweight on the way here, so we’re in trouble.

Or, we would be in trouble if KOREA POST didn’t have such reasonable prices. Mailing our stuff back home was really our only option, and it’s a good one.

blurry phone pic: 20kg box at our local post office. 

We’ve actually made two separate trips to the post office and have shipped, in total, 100 KG OF STUFF! The box you see above is the only size available for ‘surface shipping.’ It’s slower than airmail but it’s also a lot cheaper, and we won’t be home for a while anyways. The maximum weight allowance was 20kg. That makes five of these that we’ve sent back!

Cutting it close! [20kg max]

To ship the, basically, full 20kg it cost around 55,000 KRW, or around 50 CDN. This is almost a third of the airmail price. If you’re hoping to mail something back from Korea, here is a full breakdown of how they price: KOREA POST. So you know, North America is Zone 3. If you need to find out what zone your country is in click ‘The Countries’ up at the top. 

One final note, our first batch of packages were received in good condition only one month after shipping. That was the low end of their estimate, so I’m hoping we have just as much luck this time! Good luck! 

Storage room at my school. Taken with my cell phone camera. 


B1A4 -  Beautiful Target

Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s objectify women with B1A4! Yikes…

Notable Lyrics

Oh my beautiful target, you drill through my heart like a rocket.

Anth&Ro 017 Hospitalized
Distance is a cruel prison, I found. 
Wish we were home, with them.

Anth&Ro 017 Hospitalized

Distance is a cruel prison, I found.

Wish we were home, with them.


Howdy Neighbour 8: THE MUSICAL

Some North Korean students perform one of the greatest pop songs ever, Aha’s Take on Me. On five accordions. Yup. 


SHINee - Hello

This song gets stuck in my head far too easily. Ro and I returned to school this week and hearing all of our students greet us helps this song linger. Enjoy the boyish romantic side of SHINee is this video. I assure you they are all male.

Notable Lyrics

Hello, Hello-o-o

Preparing to leave Korea pt.1 PENSION

It’s hard to believe that this adventure is coming to an end so soon. It’s been an incredible two years, an experience Rosie and I will be reminiscing about until we’re old and grey. Leaving is always hard but this time we have family and friends to look forward too. It’ll be nice being in the same time zone as everybody again!

Getting here was no walk in the park. Courses were taken, applications were filed and interviews were had. Getting home isn’t quite as involved but it isn’t as easy as buying a plane ticket either. I wanted to document our leaving process so that others could stumble upon it after a quick google search: ‘How to leave Korea’ or ‘Preparing to leave Korea’ or something like that… Hopefully this finds you well.

Getting your Pension

Yes, we can collect Pension. Well, Canadians, Americans, and Australians can. If you’re leaving Korea forever you’ll want to collect this. It can be a pretty huge sum depending on how long you’ve been here. That said, if you plan on returning you may want to leave without it the first time so that you can accumulate a bigger pension the second time. Once you claim it though, you can’t start another one.

We’ve been here for two years so we’ve been making contributions to our pension every month for 22 - TWENTY TWO - months, NOT 24. Be sure to compare your yearly pension summaries and make sure your balance is in line with other foreign teachers. I found that my administration had made a crucial error, calculating my contribution over 24 months, which left me a little short by the time we were ready to leave. This was cleared up after a week or so and it all worked out, but if Rosie hadn’t compared them we would never have known and I’d by leaving a little short.

We actually ended up going to the pension office twice. Procedure dictates that making your claim MUST take place no greater than ONE month before your departure. You ‘ll have to provide a flight itinerary to prove it too. We had some extra time during our Winter break and thought we might be able to get it out of the way early. No dice. We returned a week later and everything was okay.

Preparing your claim

There are a few documents you’ll be required to bring in order to complete this process.

1. Passport and ARC [Alien Registration Card]

2. Foreign Bank information [your bank back home]

  • Bank name and branch address.
  • Institution/bank number, branch number, and your account number.

PROTIP: All this information can be found on a direct deposit form from your bank back home OR on the receipt you get from your Korean bank when you make a money transfer to a foreign bank.

3. The appropriate forms. Available online here or in the pension office. Employees are more than happy to help you fill out the form. There were a lot of sections we were told to ignore and it was a pretty quick process. 

4. A copy of your flight itinerary [print out the confirmation email sent from your airline with all important dates included.]

After all that was out of the way we were told that it would take up to one month to receive the refund, and that’s pretty much it. It was rather straightforward once we got there. 

We live in Busan and the closest Pension office was in Hadan on the 10th floor of the Samsung building closest to Hadan Subway exit 7. Good luck!